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Going to the dentist can be scary, but we aren't 😊


Parents of anxious children love to come to Dr. Meherun Huque because she has such a kind and gentle demeanor to get children to slowly become more comfortable with their dental visits.

Keeping "baby teeth" healthy is important in order to prevent an infection from permanently damaging the adult teeth. Losing baby teeth early can also cause the permanent teeth to come in the wrong position which can result in a need for expensive orthodontic treatment in order to correct it.

Preventive Care

Dentistry used to be reactionary and just about treating teeth when they became painful. With sealants and regular maintenance - expensive dental treatments and "fires" can be avoided.


People that love going to the dentist are rare to find. Many patients understandably avoid the dentist as long as they can. Unfortunately, if an infection has broken through from the outer layer of the tooth to the inside, it may become painful. Dr. Samin Huque can help treat the nerve to save the tooth or take it out to prevent the infection from spreading to the bone.


Achieving the smile of your dreams is no easier than ever with advancements in dental technology. High strength veneers and crowns are offered at this office. Helping patients feel confident and smile more is one of the best feelings from working in the dental field. Even though lab made veneers have a more beautiful appearance, we were able to help this patient smile again with a simple tooth colored filling.

Before and after image of a broken front tooth repaired for patient with a tooth colored filling

What People Say About Us

"Dr. H is an amazing dentist. I've known her for many years. She has always been very gentle, caring and patient with children. So glad she sees adults too."
"Best place to come they took great care of both my kids and very nice people and they are very professional thanks you guys."
"My experience here was amazing! The dentists are professional, kind and very caring. I will be back and I will be takin my kiddos with me!"
Image of Doctor Huque

Samin Huque


Dr. Huque was born in Houston, Texas and went to Pearland High School. What he enjoys most about dentistry is the ability to make an impactful change with your own hands. Dr. Huque’s dream is to help in the massive food waste problem and get nutritious food to families in need.

Image of Christine

Christine Young

Dental Assistant

Christine Young was born in Artesia, New Mexico. She currently lives in Humble, Texas, and married with five children. Her passion is working with and helping people in need. Ms. Young loves being a part of Grace in His Hands, and feels that together we can make a difference here and abroad. Helping people, with food, education, and emergency dental services.

Image of Eunice



Eunice grew up in Pasadena, Texas and loves watching Disney movies with her two year old daughter.

Example of our services from patients we’ve helped

Before & After

Before, during treatment, and after images of a patient that had decay on all her front teeth that were restored with tooth colored fillings

Many patients can’t afford highly esthetic options like crowns and veneers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fix your smile!

This patient was very concerned about the gaps in her top teeth and the missing bottom front teeth. She needed a quick solution to help her smile again for a wedding until she could afford braces and veneers. Dr. Huque placed tooth colored fillings on the top and a partial denture on the bottom for this patient.

Before and after images for a patient with a gap between her top front teeth and bottom front teeth. After image shows the spacing is closed.

We look forward to serving you!

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