In order to better serve our users that require additional accessibility help, South Shaver Dental aspires to make our website fully accessible. If you face any issue with the site, please let us know by: 

  • Phone: 713-477-2900
  • Email: southshaverdental@gmail.com
  • Mail: 2019 Shaver St Pasadena, TX 77502
  • Letting us know in person at the clinic!

Highlighted Accessibility Features:

  • Skip navigation link to allow users to skip directly to content rather than go through the tedious navigation for each page they navigate to.
  • All content should be accessible using a keyboard alone.
  • Add outline to elements when it has keyboard focus so that users can clearly and easily identify what is currently being toggled.
  • Updated non-semantic HTML elements to semantic elements so that screen readers and other web assistive technologies can more effectively parse through the different elements of each web page and allow the user to navigate much more efficiently.
  • Added alternative texts to images so that users with screen readers can identify the main objective behind images used on each page.
  • A small wheelchair icon on the left side of the page allows a user to click it and open an accessibility toolbar that allows the user to:
    • Resize fonts (increase/decrease)
    • Change page to grayscale
    • Show page with negative contrast
    • Show page with high contrast
    • Show page with a light background
    • Change links to have underline
    • Change font to a readable font
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